Thursday, February 25, 2010

dreaming of spring

as new york city prepares to face another snowpocalypse, i'm very much ready for winter to be over. currently i'm staring out into the snowglobe that is manhattan dreaming of the upcoming spring and summer days when we can prance around and lay on the beach in outfits like these by nadinoo.

aren't they lovely? i'm particularly in love with the peacock print on that dress! i might just have to make it a part of my summer wardrobe. :)


  1. I want the peacock dress and the 4th one down too, is it supposed to be swimwear or underwear with a matching top. either way, I want it!!! Le sigh for the small bank roll!

  2. oh i cant wait either! i LOVE that first look.. especially that chic and fun headband!


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