Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the happiness project

yesterday my friend julia's picture was included on gallerist james danziger's blog, the year in pictures, and i could not be more thrilled for her! she submitted the photograph below into the happiness project in which readers were asked to submit their happiest picture along with a caption explaining why the picture is meaningful to them. he listed jules' as one of his favorites!

jules on why she chose it:
This is a portrait I snapped of three friends while I was dressed up as Andy Warhol this past Halloween.

It is particularly happy for me because it represents all the fun (and comedy) that is this holiday in New York City. We've got a child's cartoon character, a hot dog, and a vampire all in one frame. It is also special because it represents the surprises that occur when shooting film. The surprise here was that I caught them just at that exact moment of laughter and it made the image much more meaningful.

part of the reason why i love it so much is because the photo is of two of my friends, alex (dora) and gill (hot dog! how great is that costume?), as well as my bf (the vampire). it was such a fun night out in nyc and it makes me happy to look back on it.

check out more of james' favorites here and give julia some love! :)

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  1. What a great photo! Thanks for sharing, i'll definitely go check it all out!


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