Tuesday, March 16, 2010

pretty ladies

just a few pretty ladies to get you through the day :)

ps- what are your thoughts on ombre hair? i'm kind of in love...
photos via the sartorialist , dress design decor , and turned out 


  1. I think these ladies pull it wonderfully.

  2. wow, i could never pull off that many necklaces like the first girl.. but rock it if you can.. and she can!

  3. I did it once because I am dye is too high maintenance for me. I did a red "wash" that consequently turned light brown and which I proceed to let grow out. This resulted in some interesting pictures at the winter formal that year. perhaps I was ahead of the curve? Or lazy.

  4. cheery not sure i could pull off all those accessories at once either. :)

    jules- you're always ahead of the curve :)

  5. i am in love with the half dark/half light hair. like i wish i could dye mine right now...but its blonde...so how would i do that?? hmm....love these ladies. great pics.


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