Monday, June 7, 2010

crafty weekend

this weekend i went to the renegade craft fair in brooklyn with my roomie jill (she designed the new banner for me!) it felt like full-blown summer outside (aka lots of sweating) but we had a great time meeting all sorts of artists and creators at the fair.

how adorable is this little guy?

jill scored some adorable stamps from tara at ink + wit. it was one of our favorite booths! 
check out her blog here.
we also got to meet julia from rennes! her booth had a great setup and got lots of foot traffic!

julia's bags were beautiful and i was sooo tempted to get one but i was good and just got this little zip pouch instead. the leather is soft and so perfect.

how were your weekends?


  1. I wish I could have gone! Looks like an awesome time.

    Ps. Jury Duty stinks huh? I was called in last summer.

  2. it was sooo fun! we had a great time.

    yes, jury duty is not so fun but i was on an interesting case at least!


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