Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new york, i love you but you're bringing me down

as new yorkers, we have a constant love/hate affair with our city. there are days this city beats us down in ways one can't even imagine. days when we want to yell up to the heavens and say, "REALLY?!?" at top of our lungs and curse the world because it's just not f-ing fair. our minds are led to think, "maybe i just need a break" because the struggle to make it is just so hard and the idea of wanting to actually (gasp!) leave new york enters our minds.

but we can't leave it! because leaving it would mean we were cheating on our beloved city! giving up. quitting. and as julia said to me, "i am not a quitter!" 

i know if i ever left new york, it would still be here waiting for me to return but i can't help but feel a bit sad about even just the idea of it. because as many crummy days as i may have, there are millions of moments... beautiful, goosebump-inducing moments that make me smile and remind me just how truly amazing this city is.

and after watching the trailer below, i wonder how the heck could anyone want to live anywhere else?


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